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It’s finally 2021! I’m (cautiously) excited to see what this year holds and I’m really hoping I can really crush my business goals this year, because if I’m honest, a lot of my plans and goals failed in 2020. The year didn’t exactly make it easy to get a business up and running, and I had really hoped to reach bigger goals in 2020, but that's okay! I’m ready to take on this new year and continue to work hard to reach the goals I didn’t quite get to last year and conquer some new goals for this year as well. If you’ve been considering getting photos taken of your family, kids, maternity, engagement, wedding, animals, etc. I’m your girl! I’d love to talk with you about capturing those memories for you this year! 

But before completely jumping into focusing on the new year, I wanted to take a look back and share some of my favorite work from 2020. Honestly, I didn’t have nearly as many photoshoots in 2020 as I had hoped I would, but it just makes me excited to be able to see how many more I will (hopefully) have by the beginning of next year. When 2022 comes around and I’m putting together a look back on my favorites from 2021, I’m confident that it’s going to be a much longer blog post than this one, which is really exciting! 


So here it goes! My favorites of 2020:


Danielle and Caleb’s engagement session in May was so fun! It was so nice getting to work with someone I’ve known for so long for my first real photo session since 2016! We had so much fun together that day and I loved getting to capture Dannie and Caleb’s engagement for them before they tied the knot! 

 Danniecaleb engagement


In July I had the honor of helping shoot Danielle and Caleb’s wedding ceremony while also attending their wedding as a guest! It was a beautiful day to get to both capture and just enjoy and experience and I’m still just so happy for Danielle and Caleb! 






One of my recent goals is to focus on improving my photoshop skills in my free time. Some of the shots from Danielle and Calebs wedding just really made me want to make a couple double exposures and what better way to improve than to jump in (watch some Youtube tutorials) and practice? I have about 20 different versions of each of these double exposure edits saved on my computer from thinking I had them how I wanted them, and then deciding to tweak a few things and on several occasions I just started from scratch. But I think they turned out pretty good in the end!


Untitled 2


Also a side note from Dannie and Caleb’s wedding… I just love this photo of Danielle’s parents. They are some of the most incredible people. If you don’t know the Wiechman family, you’re really missing out. 


MrMrsKness 5494


In September I got to do a maternity session for Megan, which was really fun! I have really started loving doing shoots in the woods. Outdoorsy shoots are my favorite. 


Megan Maternity

On the same weekend, I got to do a shoot for one of my favorite families, which happened to also be the first “clients” I ever had. Flash back to… 8?? 9?!?!? Years ago, Barbie and Mike let me take maternity pictures for them and then Tatums newborn photos and many shoots after that until I moved away. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I took those maternity pictures, but I really enjoyed it and it was definitely the start of me being interested in shooting portraits for people. I loved getting to do another shoot with Mike, Barbie and Miss Tatum after so many years of not having the opportunity to. 




November was the month of toddlers for me. Audrey turned one in October but life kept happening and we had to reschedule a few times before we could make her one year photo shoot happen. But it was a beautiful day when we finally did get to take her one year pictures and it was a fun challenge to capture Audrey as she was very excited about her new walking skills. 

Also, I’m so excited to get to take photos of Audrey’s little baby sister in just a few short weeks when she makes her arrival! 




Later in November, my old college roommate Annie, wanted to do a little shoot for her son Jude. I was super excited for this shoot because I really do love working with babies and toddlers, but I also got to see Annie for the first time since she got married and met Jude for the first time which was awesome. Also, again the woods might be my new favorite location for shoots. 

Jude is such a sweet little mountain man!


Jude 10 months

jude BW


While 2020 didn’t look exactly how I was hoping it would for my business, I still think it turned out pretty well, I loved every opportunity I got to shoot and I can’t wait to see what goals I’ll reach this year! 


If you’ve been considering wanting to get photos of your family, maternity, engagement, wedding, etc. I’d love to chat with you about capturing your memories for you this year! Let’s make it happen! 

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