Danielle & Caleb

This photo session was so much fun! I’ve known Danielle for many years.  We grew up doing 4-H together and she loves cows just as much as I do. She loves photography (fun fact: Danielle was my engagement and wedding photographer back in 2014), and she’s one of the coolest people I know. 

 Caleb and I only briefly met once before, so it was fun to get to know him better while getting to capture their fun, goofy, "awkward" (their words not mine), and loving relationship. I absolutely loved how easy it was for them to just be themselves and have a good time together. 

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I was so excited when Danielle asked me to take her and Caleb’s engagement photos. I knew she would come into the photo shoot with a lot of fun ideas.

In my experience of couples portraits, the woman is usually the one that is really into it and has lots of ideas, while the man just goes along with it and says things like “whatever you want dear.” But I was thrilled when Caleb showed up ready to share what he wanted and continued to give ideas throughout our shoot. 

Both Caleb and Danielle liked the old, oxidized gutters on the building. After taking a minute to appreciate them (left), Caleb suggested setting the ring, in the box he made himself, on the gutter and taking some photos with them in the background (middle & right). Which was such a great idea, plus I love getting the chance to lay on the ground to get a good shot. Thanks for getting involved and sharing some great ideas Caleb! 

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Caleb and Danielle specifically asked for me to continue shooting through them interacting and laughing together to get a mixture of posed and candid images. It was so easy to capture their goofiness and laughter, as almost every pose or prompt progressed into them laughing together. I could share a ton of photos of these two laughing together. But for the sake of not over-sharing, here’s a few of my favorites. 

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I met Danielle and Caleb on a cold and windy day in Colorado Springs and I was worried the wind was going to make it difficult to get many good shots without having hair in Danielle’s face the whole time. Fortunately, we had Caleb there to help. 

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On a more serious note, Danielle just looks incredible no matter what and she rocked the wind-blown look. I think this is a great example to show that your hair, makeup, outfit, etc. don’t have to be “perfect” to get really beautiful portraits. Despite Danielle’s hair being wind-blown and a little messy in this photo, she looks so beautiful. Between how gorgeous Danielle is, and Caleb’s “puppy dog eyes” it is probably my favorite picture from our entire photoshoot.

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I tried really hard to limit myself to about 20 pictures for this blog, but I couldn’t quite do it… So here’s a few more of my favorites. 

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Danielle and Caleb, I’m so excited for the two of you to get to start this adventure of life together. Marriage isn’t always easy, but I hope you can always come back to laughing together, being awkward together, and loving each other as much as, or even more than you do now. Oh, and don't forget to "kiss with your teeth" on the wedding day ;-). 

Congratulations, you two! 


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