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I had so much fun with Ayla and Will capturing their maternity photos. What could be better than maternity photos in a meadow in the mountains of Colorado? 

As I drove from Colorado Springs to Evergreen the weather slowly changed from clear and sunny, to overcast and sprinkling, to absolutely pouring rain. I was so worried it would continue to downpour through our scheduled shoot. Luckily the storm passed just in time for our shoot and the sun came back out for the perfect evening shoot. 

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I love when I get to use this location for a photo session. It’s the perfect variety of meadows, mountains, woodsy, and dirt roads (not to mention I get to see the cows, scroll down to see for yourself). 

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Okay, let's talk about maternity sessions by yourself vs bringing dad along to participate too. 

I honestly can’t recommend coming as a couple enough. It is so helpful to have someone there with you that you are really comfortable around and who brings out your authentic personality. Plus, you get to just have a good time, capture some memories of this phase of life, and be goofy together at the same time. 

So future dads, this is your sign to buck up and go to the maternity session. Yes, even if it doesn’t sound like a great time to you, even if you don’t enjoy having your picture taken. Trust me… the entire process of bringing a little human into this world is way more painful than any photo session will ever be. If your wife asks you to do it, showing up and being a good sport is the least you can do.

You don’t have to be serious and smiling the whole time either. Be goofy, make each other laugh, chew on some grass, make some silly faces. Photo shoots can be fun, you just have to show up with an open mind and have some fun and in the end, you’ll have a good mixture of serious and silly photos like this: 

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At the end of our photo session Will and Ayla wanted to see the mini herefords on the ranch so OBVIOUSLY I had to catch a few photos with the cows. Thank you Ayla for being a good sport and letting the cows get slobber all over your dress for this shot. 

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